Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

"Mofina does a terrific job with suspense and pacing. The characters are well-drawn and the Seattle-Tacoma setting works well. Don't read this one if your kids aren't safe at home in bed."

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They Disappeared

Every Fear, by Rick Mofina

Sept 25, 2012

A loving family, fracturing under pressure...

Jeff Griffin, a mechanic, and his wife, Sarah, travel from Montana to Manhattan to give their nine-year-old son, Cole, his dream vacation as they secretly face the heart-wrenching turmoil that has them teetering on divorce.

In the wake of their heartbreak, a mother and son disappear...

While sightseeing near Times Square, Jeff steps into a store to buy batteries for their camera-but upon returning to the street he finds that Sarah and Cole have vanished.

A frantic father searches for clues as time ticks down...

Battling his anguish and police suspicions, Jeff fights to rescue Sarah and Cole. He knows now that the love he and Sarah have is worth saving. But he could lose the chance to tell her amid growing fears that they have become entangled in an unfolding plot that could have global consequences.

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