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"Mofina continues his string of gripping, tense thrillers that explore the intricacies of crime reporting, the culture of a big-city newsroom and the fallout of what happens when those who report on the news become the news."

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The Burning Edge

A single mother becomes an eyewitness to murder

Single mother Lisa Palmer has barely recovered from the sudden death of her husband when she is drawn into a new nightmare. On her way home from upstate New York, Lisa stops at a service center minutes before an armored car heist. Four men are executed before her eyes -- one of them an off-duty FBI agent Lisa tried to help. Now Lisa is the FBI's secret witness and the key to finding the fugitive killers.

FBI agent Frank Morrow leads the investigation of the high-profile case. Hiding a very personal secret, Frank knows this assignment will be like no other he's ever faced´┐Żand it could be his last.

Pressured to land an exclusive, newswire journalist Jack Gannon chases down the elusive thread of an anonymous tipster. With every instinct telling Jack the story is within his grasp, he gambles everything in his frantic race to reveal the chilling truth´┐Żbefore the cold-blooded killers can enact the next stage of their vengeful mission.

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The Burning Edge

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"The Burning Edge kept me up into the early morning hours -- the plot is so well written that I could not put the book down!"

-- Judy Dils, ReaderToReader.com

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